Youth Spirit Center in its current legal status was registered in 24th of January 2007, but our group and team are active in the Jordanian civil society through many local, national, regional and international projects since 2001.

the Group was founded in 2001 after participating in several international interfaith youth activities, the original name was Jordan Interfaith Action Group after inspiration by the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) project in Chicago, which was called “Interfaith Action Groups”.

During 2004 – 2006 the group started to have a new dimension and mission, and was functioning under the legal entity of United Globe Association through the kind of activities which started to have more regional and international focus. In January 2007, the group was registered in the Ministry of Industry and Trade as a non-profit company under the name Youth Spirit Center. The YSC aims to raise awareness between Jordanian youth on voluntary and cultural issues, through organizing awareness campaigns, training and youth exchanges, to spread the culture of  non-violence and better life understanding.

The group started with few participants but since the beginning and to achieve the cultural diversity, our participants were coming from all over the country, where the balanced gender participation were always our priority.

We always aimed to support youth lead initiatives, by providing the technical and financial support to these initiatives when ever it’s possible.

Who are we?

YSC is a Jordanian non-profit NGO which believes in dialogue and social work and whose mission is to promote their concepts and importance through the community. YSC believes in the culture of non-violence as language for dialogue and understanding. YSC also help in building bridges of understanding between youth from different cultural, economical, educational and religious backgrounds, to break stereotypes and fight ignorance.


Our Objectives

  1. To build bridges between youth from different cultural, economical, educational and religious backgrounds.
  2. To promote dialogue as a tool for better understanding within the same community and between other communities.
  3. Youth engagement in the society through promoting the concept of voluntary and social work among youth.
  4. Coordinating voluntary and awareness activities.
  5. To help youth in building their interpersonal skills that will help them through their daily lives.
  6. To exchange expertise and skills between the group’s members and other youth, specially the youth our projects target.
  7. Work on the intercultural learning and link youth with opportunity.